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Terms & Conditions

Our Legal Disclaimer

At Los Angeles Harbor Art, we take legal matters seriously. Our Terms & Conditions are a legally binding agreement between our website visitors and us. While we strive to make our website as user-friendly as possible, we must establish legal boundaries to govern the activities of our visitors and customers. Our T&C is meant to establish a clear legal relationship between us and you, our valued customer. However, please note that our T&C is not intended to be legal advice, and cannot be construed as such.

The Basics of our T&C

Our T&C is designed to meet the specific needs of our Modern Art Gallery. As a business located in the South Bay of California, we provide a unique experience for our visitors and customers. Our T&C addresses issues that are relevant to our business, including how our customers may use our website, the payment methods we accept, our right to change our offerings in the future, and much more. Our T&C provides us with the ability to protect ourselves from potential legal exposure, and we recommend that you read it carefully before engaging with our website.

What our T&C Covers

Our T&C covers a wide range of issues, including who is allowed to use our website, the payment methods we accept, our refund policy, our intellectual property rights, and much more. We want our customers to feel confident when engaging with our website, and our T&C is designed to provide clarity and transparency about our policies.

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